Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 The Secret Life of Red Fox


Narrative nonfiction can be an excellent way to introduce young readers to topics of interest. Laurence Pringle is a well recognized name in the genre, and this latest book does not disappoint. He describes a year in the life of a female red fox, beginning in the snows of winter and ending with the departure of her young ones in late autumn, as they go to find territories of their own. The illustrations throughout the book support details in the text like the cleaning out of old animal burrows to make a den, or the way a fox wraps its tail around itself for warmth. One of my favorite pictures is the spread showing the fox leaping and plunging headfirst into the snow to catch a meadow mouse that she hears nibbling grass.

Back matter includes a glossary, list of books for further reading, and two more pages of information about the red fox. A great addition to any elementary school library collection, or a perfect gift for a young reader interested in wild life.

I received a review copy from the publisher.

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