Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Puppy Puppy Puppy


Prepare to be bowled over by sheer cuteness. Baby and Puppy are best friends and can't bear to be apart. From breakfast, to playing in the garden, to bath time, they are always together. Even when Mommy and Daddy put Baby in the crib and Puppy behind the baby gate, they manage to overcome very obstacle to reunite. 

The illustrations show a chubby baby with a round happy face and a puppy who seems to be related to Disney's Tramp with his rascally ways. Scenes of Baby and Puppy both wedged into the same pair of underpants, or covered in mud show how like-minded they are. My favorite illustration would have to be the two of them asleep on the bedroom rug in a puppy pile.

The repetitive nature of the text makes a good read-aloud for beginning readers who can echo the phrases. "Baby enjoys breakfast and Puppy enjoys breakfast." This is also a book that would be a good choice for biracial families who are looking for characters and stories that reflect their own home. And all parents can appreciate the humor in each scene. Daddy running across the kitchen (in his bunny slippers), as Baby dumps the breakfast bowl off the highchair or Mommy and Daddy slumped on the kitchen floor after wrangling Baby down for a nap will call up sympathetic smiles from many.

Perfect for dog lovers young and not so young.

I received a review copy from the publisher.

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