Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Top Dogs: Canines that Made History


Top Dogs is packed with information for dog lovers and history buffs. Want to know which dog received the most medals during WWI? It's in there. How about the story of the dog that traveled with Lewis and Clark as they searched for the Pacific? Got it covered. In fact, there are eight chapters full of historical facts, images, and sidebars of additional canine information. In the back matter there are a timeline, a list of places to visit, the author's main sources, and suggestions for further reading. Whether you want to learn more about Balto and the dogsled relay to take medicine across Alaska, or about search and rescue dogs at work on 9/11 - this is the book for you!

Chapter list:
Seaman the Newfoundland
Lion Dogs
Combat Canine
Togo and Balto
A Real Buddy
Military Guard Dogs
Sniffer Dog Saves the Day
Search and Rescue Dogs

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