Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Reading 2018 The Big Idea Gang

Everybody Needs a Buddy (The Big Idea Gang Book 1) by [Preller, James]

The Worst Mascot Ever (The Big Idea Gang) by [Preller, James]

Worst Mascot Ever: Friends Deon, Kym, Lizzy, and Connor form the Big Idea Gang to work on getting a new school mascot. After all, why would a school in Connecticut have an armadillo for a mascot anyway? Some students push to simply have the raggedy costume replaced and use the argument that the armadillo is a school tradition, but the gang does their research and presents their case in a debate before the whole school. Will the student voting go their way, or does everyone really want to see their principal in another armadillo suit?

Everybody Needs a Buddy: The Big Idea Gang is hard at work again. The sales for spirit items featuring the school mascot have gone so well  that the PTA has extra money to spend. What should it be used for? The gang has several ideas, but Deon is worried about a new student at school who doesn't seem to have any friends. Is there something that can be done about that?

These two titles will be coming out in January 2019, with other books planned for the series. The kids have a mix of interests and abilities, as well as representing boys and girls and several racial/ethnic backgrounds. Author James Preller (of Jigsaw Jones fame, as well as other titles), has created a fun new series for readers in lower elementary.

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