Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Reading 2018 The Secrets of Ninja School

The Secrets of Ninja School by [Pilutti, Deb]

Have young readers who just can't get enough ninja stories? Or perhaps you're looking for a story that shows a character with perseverance, one who hangs in there until she finds her own talents and strengths? Then add Deb Pilutti's tale to your shelves.

Ruby heads off to Master Willow's School for Ninjas, but has some trouble with the lessons. She is not invisible, or patient, or any of the things that all the other students seem to be. More than anything, she wants to discover her secret skill like all the other students. "If Ruby had a secret skill, she did not know how to find it." But Master Willow encourages her to keep trying. And he is right, everyone may despair of Ruby ever mastering how to be a ninja, but the resolution of the story is just right.

The extra special craft activity at the back of the book will be popular with library story-times (and it even has a sew and a no-sew option). Put this into the hands of those who have already finished off all the Mobi Shinobi books,  Wink : The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed, and Nighttime Ninja

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