Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall Reading 2018 Bluecrowne: A Greenglass House Story


Lucy Bluecrowne has spent half her life on board her father's ship, the Left-Handed Fate, but now he has decided that Lucy, her half-brother, and stepmother must live on land where it is safe. But is it really safe? As soon as the family begins to explore the city of Nagspeake, they encounter all sorts of odd characters. There is Trigemine, who has come to look for an item his employer Morvengarde is determined to acquire. Blister, a master of pyrotechnics, is assisting Trigemine in locating another person with the gift for explosives (a service for one of Morvengarde's customers). There are sailors and craftsmen, taverns and barkeepers, and lots of decrepit alleyways and ramshackle buildings - just the perfect setting for suspicious deeds.

Lucy and her brother Liao manage to find a small boat for Lucy to sail along the river and Liao has a workshop to experiment with fireworks. But something keeps nagging at everyone's perceptions, giving them suspicious feelings and odd worries that they can't pin down. And when there is a kidnapping attempt, it seems that life on solid ground isn't any safer than life aboard a privateer's vessel. Lucy and Liao are full of life and hidden strengths which can see them through many difficulties and win the admiration of readers.

For those who have already read Greenglass House, this story introduces the first inhabitants and explains why the house was built. Those who have not visited Nagspeake before will be intrigued by the mix of cultures, naval traditions, and magical possibilities. Great for readers in middle grades who enjoy historical fiction/fantasy.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher.

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