Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall Reading 2018 I Just Like You


Suzanne Bloom (author of books such as A Splendid Friend, Indeed), has created another wonderful story about the bonds of affection. Animals of all kinds notice the similarities and differences between them, but also know that friendship is something they all have in common. Even if they don't walk, talk, dress, or even read in the same way - they just like each other. 

The whimsical pencil and watercolor illustrations really bring the text to life. A pig and a llama both look up at the clouds, but each see different shapes. A hippo wearing a party hat on its nose shares a book with a rhino wearing a party hat on its head. And how can readers not smile when they see a pink flamingo in a pair of rain boots complimenting a rabbit on its flowery flip-flops? Whether they are short or tall, quick or slow, eat the same foods or enjoy the same hobbies - they can all still be friends.

Anyone looking for a book about getting along, making friends, or finding things in common rather than worrying about what makes us different from each other will be glad to have this book on hand. Perfect for guidance lessons with younger grades, or gently helping to teach that diversity doesn't mean we can't find common ground.

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